Fun and Challenging


2020 is here and something all teachers are considering is indoor and year end activities. 

PE classes, Community Recreation Class, after school activities, special interest groups and “ in school field trips” are all part of our youths programs in schools. Pacific Archery Academy would like to offer something different for your students. We are a completely self contained archery program which can be set up at your school. All equipment is supplied, bows, arrows, target butts etc. Think of it as a portable archery range. A large safety net is provided to reduce impact to your facility. Both of our instructors are NCCP certified level two coaches, with over 40 years experience in the sport.

Our aim is to offer an environment where youth can participate in a sporting activity that helps develop self esteem and personal growth. Archery has grown world wide as a tool to instill confidence in students who may be less interested in team endeavors. 


We have been very proud to facilitate archery sessions with the following schools with great success.

- Reynolds Secondary

- Claremont Secondary

- Bayside Middle School

- Individual Learning Center Saanichton

- Saint Andrews Secondary


Pricing for classroom sessions are $200 for up to an hour and a half.  If sequential sessions are booked within the same day and setup, discounts are offered.

If you are interested in offering archery to your students, please contact us to find out more.



Saanichton, BC, Canada